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Hands-down the best caregiver interactive class we have ever taken! My daughter is almost 5 years old and we have been with the Wholey Sisters for a full year now. We have signed up for each session they have offered, even the special Christmas session over the past year. She loves it! We started doing Music Together® later than most in the language spectrum; however, she has embraced the rhythm and music side so much so that it has taken her to a new level. I'll hear her listening to pop songs on the radio and talking about the micro and macro beat! Nicole and Tara are not only fantastic teachers but they truly make you feel apart of the Wholey Sisters Music Family!



Music Together has truly enriched our lives! It is structured, yet flexible and laid back. Each class has a sense of familiarity, yet every week is a little different. The classes are able to capture the attention of infants through preschoolers.My son had significant speech delays as an infant and young toddler, then I learned about Music Together classes. After the first six weeks, he began trying to sing along to the songs using a few syllables! He loved the interaction with teachers and other children. Our whole family loved singing along with the CD in the car and at home. In addition to traditional therapy, Music class stimulates speech and learning in a different (and fun!) way, and I know that Music Together played a crucial role in helping him improve. Over the course of one year in Music classes, he has progressed to a completely age appropriate speech level and has a genuine love for singing and music.Music Together is one of the few early childhood classes that both children and parents can truly enjoy together and it is worth every dollar and minute our family has invested in it.



 Both of my kids have been attending Music Together with Tara and Nicole for several years and it has been an amazing program to be involved with. It has been a class that we have consistently attended over the years as my children and I love the music, program and classes. We always have a fun time, especially during free dance and instrument time. I definitely would recommend this class to other parents.



 My son was 5 months old when we began classes with Music Together.  My son is now 2 ½ years old and we are still with Music Together.  I loved the class so much that I then signed up my older son and have been bringing my daughter who is now 8 months old since she was born!  We listen to the CD’s in the car and the songs not only make them laugh and dance but many of the songs help calm them down when the car ride is just a little too long for their liking.  Music Together at first, was just a class I could go to so that I could carve time out of this busy life and focus on my kids.  It has now become a class I couldn’t imagine not attending.  Tara and Nicole have said that we are Wholey Sisters Music Together family and having instructors that care for your family, have fun, and really enjoy what they are doing is truly the best gift my kids and my family could receive.   



I love Music Together because it is a wonderful experience to share with my children. My kids love the hands-on learning, dancing, and exposure to a variety of music from other cultures. I love that they are developing an appreciation for music while improving their expressive abilities. We love making Music Together!

~ Carrie